How to CropLocal?

Bringing you the farmers market experince anywhere and anytime


Find Local Farm Stands Around You By Location


Shop The Seasonal Crops Available And Engage With The Community


Complete An Order, Setup a Pickup or Delivery Depending On The Farms Availability

Why CropLocal?

CropLocal is a social marketplace community of local farmers and consumers where everyone can engage in the food growing and buying experience. Recreating the farmers market experience virtually.

The Product

Locally grown crops are healthier and fresher and with more unique varieties than supermarkets.

The Community

We aim to support the local farmers because healthy produce is important to our families and friends and we could not do it without them

Ease of Access

We want to make access to locally produced food easy for the awesome consumers who purchase it, but make it easy to use at the same time for the busy farmers who bring us the great food.

Start Selling on CropLocal

Everyone knows buying locally grown produce is what they should do

Open a virtual farm stand today so they can!

About CropLocal

CropLocal has a mission to help increase access to locally grown food through technology.  We simply want to make it easy for local people to find and source food from their local farmers and producers while also making it easy for those same producers to sell their food to the community while capturing more of their hard earned dollars.

How it works.  For consumers we list the farms and provide you the details to find their stores.  For farmers we help them setup and maintain eCommerce stores to make it easier for consumers to engage with them.  Together we provide a community of people that believe in locally grown food and a micro economy that keeps up with today’s best technology practices.

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